Le Jardin is a parent-run co-operative daycare located in Vanier (Ottawa), Canada, focused on providing a loving, family-like environment for children to learn and grow. Le Jardin is a small (6 children), multi-age (1-4 year), informal daycare that is centred on learning through creative play in a safe, healthy and stimulating space. We have modeled our not-for-profit facility on the highly successful co-operative venture Kinder Garden based in Toronto.

Benefits of the co-operative venture include:

  • An experienced Early Child Educator to provide stimulating programming and continuity of care
  • A 3:1 child-to-adult ratio ensuring lots of individual attention for your child
  • An opportunity to be deeply involved in your child’s day-to-day learning and development
  • A chance to meet like-minded parents and really get to know your child’s caregiver and friends
  • The ability to oversee and affect the operation of your child’s daycare and make real and positive changes through your involvement

One of our primary goals at Le Jardin is to create and maintain a child-care model that hinges upon the involvement and commitment of the parents. Each family is required to volunteer for one day per week for each child enrolled in Le Jardin, and to assist in the ongoing operations of the facility including: Finances; Administration; Cleaning; Menu Planning, etc.

For more information or to request a copy of the Le Jardin Handbook and New Family Application, please contact us by e-mail: info [at] lejardincoop.ca.


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