Yard Project Gallery

When Le Jardin opened in October 2006, the private yard was green and lush. But after two very snowy winters and wet springs, the poor drainage began to tell on us. We had gigantic puddles for weeks on end and the result was a muddy disaster area: every day was like Woodstock. The kids loved it. The parents…not so much. So we decided to make a change.

With the spectacular vision and kind assistance of alumni mum and professional horticulturalist Karen Hogan, we created a plan to improve our drainage and generally redesign the yard to better accommodate our boisterous children. With the generous support of several local businesses, we accumulated the materials we needed, and our brave parents (including our wonderful ECE and her handy husband) set to work in late May. Several weeks later, the dust has settled (literally), the sod has taken and we can proudly unveil our amazing new space.

Many thanks to Beechwood Home Hardware, The Home Depot Gloucester, Greely Sand & Gravel, RONA Home & Garden Gloucester and Canadian Tire Coventry Road for donations of materials and special rates for the many items on our shopping list.

Thanks also to Arturo’s Market, Metro Vanier and Farm Boy Hillside for helping to feed our hungry volunteers.

This is what teamwork looks like.


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